White Elk



White Elk Music, aka Bryson Meyers, a native american from MT that is the decendent of his tribes chief, as well as a member of the Chippewa Cree Tribe of Rocky Boy and Also part Sioux, He has made music all of his life, singing since he was 12 yrs old. Traveling to many pow-wow’s throughout Indian country, as he grew up he went through many life threatening injuries from being ran over to fall 40 ft and being blown up; and overcoming all of these major injuries and made him think allot more on life and started discovering his gifts: first with the gift of art, while in high school, he drew many names and got known to many from paper to vehicle art such as decals and much more. and from there started the lifestyle of DJing for a few years, and that led to many more music opportunities and got more known to the public, then through college attending classes and one of them was the native american flute, and was shown to him by a close friend. Was told he should try it out and see what happens, after 3 classes on 3 different levels, he became better in a few months and noticed that it was a part of him, and created 1 demo with Nakoa Heavyrunner a well known hand drum singer; and following that, he started performing for many different crowds from russians, to the school of the blind, and even over 12 countries in the middle east, many types of crowds enjoyed his music and after 7 years finally got the opportunity to make a album, he decided it was time and recorded his first cd and that album is now throughout the US and Canada. with the main motto “my music is for the people to help them” in conclusion he made the NAMMY list of 2012 and continues to speak to the youth and inspire as well as guide others to a good path in life.


1st Demo Reached 13 Countries in the Middle East ( During Beginning of Iraq and Afghanistan War)
 First Album Came Out in Fall of 2012 (Dedicated to Grandparents)
First Native Flute Artist With Album From Home Reservation
Nominated for Native American Music Award-2013 (Niagara Falls); Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award-2013(Winnipeg)
1st Native American Flute Artist To Be Heard in United Kingdom Radio 2013
Album Acknowledged by the Obama Family and Museum of the American Indian 2013
Asked to Perform for The House of Representatives by Republicans (Montana) 2014
Award Winning Graphic Designer 2012-2013 (AIHEC)
Designed Art All Over Indian Country
Graduated College 2014 (Associates Degree-Liberal Arts)
Continuing Bachelors (Fall 2015)
Throughout Montana North Central to North Eastern
North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin.
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