I am the guy who made the song “John Wayne’s Teeth” in the movie “Smoke Signals.” I am also appearing in the “SHOWTIME” comedy special “Goin’ Native: American Indian Comedy Slam! No Reservations Needed…” I am from Omak Washington and Norris South Dakota. But now I live in Spokane Washington. I like to read books, listen to music, and drink coffee and tea. Oh yeah and I almost forgot to say I like to make people laugh. I perform stand up comedy locally and nationally through out America. And I even did stand up in Canada and I didn’t say the letter “a” once in my skit. I also like to do speaking engagements about the two “C’s” and one “M” in life: Comedy Culture and Motivation. And anything else people would like to hear me talk about. I can also do a pretty good group interactive presentation on verbal and non-verbal communication and how it affects our daily walk of life.





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