Nationwide Support

NATBN is a growing organization of in-house Native American casino entertainment directors and talent buyers that book all entertainment direct and do not use third-party talent buyers. The primary goal is to share information and to create routing networks throughout Indian Country. A secure network creates an opportunity for Native American owned casinos to have access to larger acts at reduced prices and provides the opportunity for Native American employees to start forging long-lasting relationships with the direct agencies. The last thing crooked talent buyers want is for Indian Country to come together, organize and educate one another. This organization is being established to share direct information and direct contacts with the intent of empowering 100’s of Indian gaming entertainment programs. With direct information from real people who do the same job you do, you have a network that is concrete, face to face, and exclusive to NATBN members only, no third-party talent buyers.

A third-party talent buyer will tell you that through years of pre-existing relationships they can “route” all kinds of acts that will create savings that benefit you. If they are only saying this to you without providing you with a detailed list of those venues, contacts, and shared information, it is a matter of trust, with an outside non-tribally owned vendor.

Future NATBN plans include:
  • Training and signing up many new members
  • Establishing a board of directors
  • Creating a master list of contact information for members only
  • Creating annual Indian Gaming conference focused solely on casino entertainment
  • Building casino ticket sales database from only casino shows
  • Annual and quarterly meetings to check progress and show new ideas

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