Guide To Booking National Entertainment

Exclusive to Native American Owned Casinos and Tribal Employees

This training program is intended for the benefit of your Tribal members and employees only. Learning this information is a very rare opportunity and can significantly help the people who acquire these skills. This training opportunity is not a quick fix or band-aid to an ongoing problem but a one time cost for a permanent solution. Most importantly it gives your Tribal members and employees new opportunities to expand the self-sufficiency of your establishment and community while creating immediate savings and forging new relationships with direct international entertainment companies.

With the tools and information provided in this training program, we can guarantee savings on your overall entertainment budget the first year of implementation followed by increased savings the second year with continued opportunities for savings into the future. Although some vendors are lowering prices from 10% to 8% for a few select clients, this is still a fee for a service that is not necessary and leaves your gaming property vulnerable to questionable business practices by relying on the honesty of outside vendors. This program is about eliminating fees and empowering your people.

Talent Buyer vs. Buying In-House

Example scenarios This example is presented at an 8% fee only because we offer reduced pricing from the average 10% to 15% that has been the standard for the last 20+ years. Since we have started offering a reduced rate along with introducing our training program, we have noticed that a select few of our “competitors” have implemented similar rates of 8%. In an effort to influence certain clients and keep them from reviewing our training program they have gone as low as 7%. Example #1 Using a Third Party Talent Buyer * $40k budget for one show * Talent ...
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What Your Fees Are Paying For

This is an example of an annual entertainment budget using a third party talent buyer compared to the goal of our training program: x 1 Show x 10 Shows x 10 Shows Entertainment Budget $100,000.00 $1,000,000.00 What your fees are paying for Post Training Program Talent Buyer Fee 10% -$10,000.00 -$100,000.00 Money paid to an outside vendor for the service of booking concerts. The process of booking ten concerts can be done in less than one week, takes less than ten hours of time, is processed by one person, and involves no manual labor what so ever. $0 Onsite Agent ...
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Nationwide Support

NATBN is a growing organization of in-house Native American casino entertainment directors and talent buyers that book all entertainment direct and do not use third-party talent buyers. The primary goal is to share information and to create routing networks throughout Indian Country. A secure network creates an opportunity for Native American owned casinos to have access to larger acts at reduced prices and provides the opportunity for Native American employees to start forging long-lasting relationships with the direct agencies. The last thing crooked talent buyers want is for Indian Country to come together, organize and educate one another. This organization ...
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How It All Works

All levels include complete support team and network available seven days a week to help you with everything from researching your demographic and answering contract questions to providing you with lists of open dates and routing opportunities in your area. All ground, air, meals, and hotels rooms are to be furnished by the purchaser of the training program. An optional buyout is available upon request. $2500 One day one trainer one employee: One trainer goes over the entire program with one employee who will be in charge of entertainment. Full training manual with all contract, hospitality rider, and production rider ...
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Common Questions & Answers

Q: If you guys know how to do all of this, why don't you make all of the money by just keeping the secrets and booking the casinos? A: Every person on this team has one thing in common. We all want to help create change in our individual communities and Indian Country as a whole. We hope this approach will grow into opportunities for hundreds maybe thousands of Tribal members across the country. We would rather share our knowledge and be responsible for creating new opportunities then using our Tribal affiliations to our advantage for profit. All of our trainers ...
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The Training Manual

As a part of the training program, you will receive a copy of our one of a kind step by step guide to booking national entertainment. This detailed 20-page manual will be on hand for you and your staff to review anytime while providing opportunities to bring fellow team members up to speed. Topics Covered Include: Booking National Talent Direct Booking Local & Regional Talent Direct Booking Successful Shows Featuring Native American Entertainers Staging, Sound & Lighting Logistics Event Management Industry Terms & Meanings Producing Outdoor Events Managing Events That Feature Multiple Artists Market Research Artists Ticket Sales and Venue ...
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