The Dimmer Project


We are putting together a video to help bring attention to the devastating opioid epidemic facing Indian Country today. While doing primary research for this project, it is shocking to find little to no resources available to help those who are suffering in Native American communities. The most substantial focus of change is coming from local grassroots campaigns, community members taking the fight into their own hands, organizing rallies and community marches to raise awareness and pray for those family members who are still lost.

The song featured in this video is called Dimmer. It is a song written for the mothers and families of those who have passed and those who are suffering. There is a free download available for the song on the link below.

What we are asking for:

What we are looking for:

  1. We would like to feature pictures, names, age and basic information of those who have passed from this epidemic. The photos will appear in a music video which will also feature an animation that follows the words of the song.
  2. We would also like to feature short live videos of those who are currently living clean sober lives. Please shoot a short video of yourself holding a handwritten sign that has your Name, Sobriety BDay, and some simple facts about yourself.

How to send media:

  1. You can message us your pictures and videos (YouTube if possible) direct to our Facebook page at
  2. You can also email us if you prefer to at
  3. You can also fill out the information below and send pictures or video on the “click here” button below.


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