Native American MMA League

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We Provide

  • Competition cage.
  • Complete fight card.
  • All event officials i.e. MD; Referee; Judges; Timekeeper; Scorekeeper; Backstage Manager; Ring Models and any other staff required for event production.
  • Competition gloves.
  • Appropriate event and/or fighter insurance.
  • Complete event sanctioning.
  • Onsite event promotion six (6) weeks and one (1) week prior to event date.
  • All graphic design for the event and EACH event competitor.
  • Venue sticker on competition mat and two (2) event corner pads.
  • Daily social media event promotion.

Venue Provides

  • Depending on size of event 10 to 22 hotel rooms for two (2) nights.
  • Casino food coupons for use at any onsite eatery for all fighters and staff.
  • Ambulance service for the night of event.
  • Any required bicycle barrier dividers; trusses; tables; chairs; pipe & drape or any other miscellaneous item required to stage the event correctly for filming.
  • Bottled water, tubs of ice, white towels and fresh fruit tray for event competitors.
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