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Hello, welcome to CRW Productions artist submission page.

We are calling every Native-owned casino in the country along with trying to get through via tribal council members, community leaders, gaming commissions, tribal business directors, you name it. We are on a mission to start training casinos how to book national entertainment, Native entertainment, and local entertainment while ridding themselves of outside agencies who are all owned by non-Native individuals. If you have heard casino employees say things like “Native shows don’t work here, so we don’t do them.” It is due to the fact not one of these outside companies or “talent buyers” are interested in developing Native artists or shows because it takes time, a lot of time. And they would have to establish relationships with not only Native artists and performers but also the crowds that attend these shows along with learning the dynamics of the culture. Hasn’t happened in the last 24 years isn’t going to start. They do however share their professional advice and experience with a couple of failed Native shows they have produced in the distant past with their casino clients, ensuring that the cycle continues.

We intend on creating an extensive network of professional Native American in-house talent buyers and entertainment directors. People who will more likely recognize and want to see the development of Indian Country entertainers and finally have the tools to see it through. Eventually along the way, as we grow we will offer exclusive representation, artist development, and exclusive management opportunities but for now, we are focusing on developing the network, awareness, educating, and growing our team.

There is no contract to sign, and there is no cost to be listed on various platforms right now.



What we are developing is costing tens of thousands of dollars and will take time and a ton of effort with our very small team. Yes! we would love to book everyone shows making more money and have huge built-in crowds but right now, there is no network and we are the only 100% Native team with real experience and a strategic plan. We are only a few and want to see Indian Country entertainers everywhere get more recognition and we can only grow with your support. We are not interested in getting famous off of you nor do we want to become rich from booking you, BUUUT, we do want to see an actual Indian Country Entertainment scene or community, or just a bunch of us coming together for the better cause. However you want to look at it, please refrain from demanding bookings and contact information for clients. We do get calls and we make calls for gigs, every day Monday through Friday. We can assure you the opportunities presented to us are not passed along to anyone who demands things and expects some sort of privilege above the rest.

Our first goal is to educate and grow the Native American Talent Buyers Network. To learn more about our training program and the NATBN go here:

Training Information     

NATBN Information

What we are going to do:

  • Present you professionally at the annual National Indian Gaming Association trade show and convention in Sand Diego, CA on April 10th-14th 2017.
  • Present your information on our new Native American Talent Buyers Network website which is a member-only site that consists of in-house entertainment directors that share information about and book all national, regional, local, and Native entertainment.
  • List you on our all Native roster page on the CRW Productions website.
  • List you on a roster sheet that will be presented in thousands of information packets and sent out to prospective clients.
  • List you on our National Agency Poll Star Pro account (this is a member-only global database of industry artists, professionals, venues, agencies, and decades of ticket sales history) which Indian Country Entertainers have virtually NO representation. This is where every single REAL agent, agency, venue and national entertainer is listed. In other words, this is where you “break out” of Indian Country and are presented in a forum of true professionals and decision makers.
  • Representation at the world’s largest live entertainment buying conference or the Internation Entertainment Buyers Association (IEBA) conference in Nashville, TN every October. This is where the largest venues, festivals, stadiums, casinos, national agencies, and artists in the world come together to do business, find new shows and network.
  • Provide you with bookings through trade show presentations, direct contacts and interactions, social media outlets, direct phone calls, and websites at a simple finders fee OR, 10% commission if you prefer we process your contract and act as your agent for the purposed date.
  • Help you with as much as we can with any questions and any issues you may have in regards to your entertainment business dealings.
  • Share your videos, links, posts, shows, and feature you in blogs and news posts on the CRW website and the NATBN website.
  • Although we do not have a roster page on the NATBN website, we are marketing shows for upcoming national concert tours, national magic shows, national comedians, and will be marketing our Native American artist roster as equals alongside these national artists and shows.

What we would like from you but not required:

  • If you are already listed on our roster, please review information and send updates and new images if needed.
  • Let us know about or share the password for this page with other Professional Native Artists that you think should be listed.
  • Share our information with any casino representative who may benefit from our services.
  • Share our information, links, and or posts with your social media network to help assist in faster growth and awareness.

If you would like to be listed on out roster page, please fill out all of the information below. Please do not forget to upload a HIGH-RESOLUTION image at the very bottom after you submit your information. If you do not have a high-resolution image get one ASAP. No Facebook or internet photos, please. 300 dpi





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