For over a decade, the performers in 49 Laughs Comedy have brought world class entertainment to eager crowds streaming across both the United States and Canada. Joining together the award-winning comedians, James Junes, Ernest Tsosie III, Tatanka Means, Pax Harvey, and Adrianne Chalepah, 49 Laughs Comedy has created a truly unique combination of both traditional and modern comedy styles. After launching a very successful career with international performances, appearances in films, commercials, and T.V., the famous Navajo comedy duo, “James and Ernie Comedy”, co-founded 49 Laughs Comedy in 2010 with the hottest rising stars in Native American comedy: actor/ entrepreneur Tatanka Means, stand up comedian Adrianne Chalepah, and MC Pax Harvey. Since then these five amazingly-talented individuals have been in popular demand: booking concerts, conferences, event centers, colleges, and guest appearing on television, film, and print. What’s even better is that their comedy is family-friendly, yet entertaining and exciting for the late night crowds as well. With their versitile styles there is always something for everyone. When you book a 49 Laughs Comedy show, you can bet you’ll have them back again for more.

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